Success Stories

The business success stories and testimonials listed on this website are based on the information provided by California small businesses that have participated in the STEP program. Inclusion of a company story and testimonial does not constitute an endorsement of the company or its products, services, or technology by GO-Biz or the State of California.

Air Quality Management Company (AQMC)

Air Quality Management Company (AQMC), founded and led by Ranyae Fernandes,….



TripleLite is a small business established in 2012 in Ramona, California, by the husband-and-wife team…

michael b dye logo

Law Office of Michael B. Dye

Law Office of Michael B. Dye has been in business in Aliso Viejo, California since 2007, providing assistance to individuals seeking non-immigrant…

la canada logo

La Canada Venture Inc.

La Canada Ventures Inc. has been in business in San Mateo, California since 2006, providing brand manufacturers for personal care products in beauty…

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Advanced Manufacturing


Aerospace & Defense

Ag Tech

Ag Tech

futuristic auto transport

Automotive & Smart Mobility



young adults playing with drones

Consumer Technology

two workers looking at construction site

Design & Construction

man and woman looking at computer in call center

Education & Training Services

solar panels and wind turbines

Energy Industries

stylized digital globe in front of city scape

Environmental Technologies

bar graph and data with code

Financial Services

two farm workers looking at data in front of tomatoes

Food & Agriculture Value Chain

hanging open sign on shop door


doctor looking at computer

Healthcare & Health Technologies

close up of tablet with data on it

ICT and & Digital Economy

underwater image of marine explorer vehicle

Marine Technology

film camera on set

Media & Entertainment

people signing business contract

Professional & Business Services

Surveillance street camera

Safety & Security

storage products in a large factory

Supply Chain Services

T-shirts on hangers

Textile, Apparel & Sporting Goods

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Travel & Tourism